99 Monkeys on a Bus Now Available!


Do you like picture books? Monkeys? Bananas? Buses? Trains? Mysteries? Are you between the ages of 0-99?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, I think you might love this book! Now available from Guardian Angel Publishing.

Available for purchase at:

Guardian Angel Publishing



A New Direction

futureRemember that post with the turtle?? The one where I said I was back, but that I’d be taking things slowly. It’s true!

I have been transformed.

Those four words are probably the understatement of the year. Looking back on my life before and after motherhood I almost don’t recognize my former self. So it seems only natural to transform my blog as well.

When I first returned to writing my blog, I tried to fit into the cookie shape of my former self – and that just wasn’t working! Thus, I wasn’t able to keep a good flow going. So I’ve decided to vary things up a bit and include posts involving my motherhood journey, recipes, hobbies, including my current obsession with whimsical nail wraps, and of coursing reading and writing. A lifestyle blog is a better fit now, and I’m excited about my new direction.

Coming soon! 99 Monkeys on a Bus picture book

99monkeysComing soon from Guardian Angel Publishing, my second picture book “99 Monkeys on a Bus.” More news to come soon.

I am beyond thrilled to have a childhood dream of mine come true: To hold a printed picture book written by yours truly that is available to young audiences including my daughter, Ava, who is a budding book lover!

My two addictions: nail wraps and picture books

I must admit I’m a little addicted… to nail wraps and picture books. And I have suddenly been inspired to design some custom nail wraps to complement my favorite children’s books. So tell me, what children’s books would you use to inspire a nail wrap design?

Here is my first rough go at creating “The Very Hungry Caterpillar-esque” wraps. Can you tell I’m not an artist?image_1W

My newest adventure!

IMG_6304As I have mentioned recently, I’ve been going through lots of changes this year. One of the big ones being that I’m officially staying at home full time with my daughter, at least for the first few years. That doesn’t mean I’ve stopped writing or pursuing my own business.

Enter … my latest obsession … Jamberry Nail wraps.

I have always had my nails done is some fashion … gels, acrylics, weekly manicures… but I just didn’t have the time for that anymore (not to mention how damaged my nails got.) And I’ve never had the patience for polish. Jamberry Nail wraps are the perfect solution for me as they require zero, yes, zero dry time! And there are over 350 styles to choose from. They make me feel pretty! There’s even one for bookworms!

If I’ve peeked your interest be sure to visit my website and find out more about hosting a party — it’s all virtual so anyone can participate with me (as long as you reside in the US or Canada) or if you are looking for an opportunity like this check out this page to find out more about joining!

I can also send you a free sample … Just fill out this form!

All best,

Christine aka Whimsy Girl Wraps


First Year Favorite Books

My daughter and I have shared many great reads this past year, but some certainly stand out. Here’s some of our favorites!


1. Ten Little Ladybugs by Melanie Gerth

When my daughter was very young, she loved staring at the bright colors, and as she grew more aware she loved rubbing her tiny fingers over the ladybug shapes and into each of the holes in the pages. This book is still one of her favorites.


2. Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons by James Dean

Not exactly the typical baby book, this one my daughter loves due to the repetition, and sing-songy tone used when reading it aloud. It has sure brought about lots of baby giggles from her!


3. Ladybug Girl and her Mama by Jacky Davis

Admittingly, I may have enjoyed reading this book more than my little one, but what mother wouldn’t enjoying reminiscing about their day with their babes. It was always a nice way to wind down for the evening.


4. Hug You, Kiss You, Love You by Joyce Wan

By far our favorite this year. When my little girl was just two months old she would smile and coo at the whimsical characters created by Joyce Wan. Now, at almost twelve months it has become such an interactive story for us to enjoy together … well if she let’s me turn the pages that is. =)

I’m back!

tortoiseSo … I’m back!

Where did I go? I ventured into the land of new-mommydom! And my daughter is almost a year old now. Oops! That was quite a long hiatus!

To make a long story short, the last year or so has been quite a transition for me, but I am finally finding my blogging/writing feet! And while I am moving at a turtle’s pace, I am making progress in all areas of my life.

I think if ever I could compare myself to a children’s book character it would be now. I am the tortoise in “The Tortoise and the Hare.” I can see the finish line, but I know it will take me a little while to get there. And that’s ok!

It’s good to be back!


Three baby puppies

I love English Bull Terriers! I have a post that’s been in the works about how much they touch the lives of their owners, but it’s not ready yet. In the meantime, I wanted to post pictures of these cuties. My mom breeds English Bull Terriers, and she recently had a litter of three baby boy puppies. They are the cutest pups ever (well that I’ve seen in a long time … I may be slightly biased.)


Django and Cim



Two of my published children’s stories feature bull terriers. They are true characters! I think these little guys just may show up in a new manuscript soon!

How to make Grandparent’s Day Special through children’s books

happy-grandma-mdGrandparent’s day is coming up on Sept. 8th. National Grandparent’s Day originated with Marian McQuade and was decreed a National holiday by President Jimmy Carter in 1978.

Grandparents play such an important in family life. They are our heritage, and they have so much to share and to teach. Even when they pass away, they are not forgotten. They are still alive in the hearts of those that live on. I have lost two grandparents in the past year, and yet, myself and family members still feel their love, and include them in many aspects of our lives.

I wanted to share a several of my favorite and recommended children’s book reads featuring Grandparents.

How to Babysit a Grandpa by Jean Reagan

Book type: Picture Book

A fun twist on a typical Grandparent/grandchild story

Little Bear’s Visit by Else Holmelund Minarik 

Book type: Early Reader

A true classic filled with short chapters detail Little Bear’s Visit to his Grandparent’s house.

What Grandmas Do Best by Laura Numeroff

Lyrical, with lovely representations of Grandparent/grandchild relationships. When you flip the book over you will find ‘What Grandpas do Best

The Magic Brush by Kat Yeh

Book Type: Picture Book

This book is beautifully written, telling the story of Jasmine and her Agong or Grandfather. They pen magical stories  using an enchanted Chinese calligraphy brush. But when Grandpa passes on, Jasmine must cope with her sadness, and figure out how keep the memories and magic alive.

And last but not least my own e-book, RIGHT THIS INSTANT from MeeGenius.

My E-Book

Book type: Picture Book

In this story, Eli teaches Grandpa all about new, fast technologies while Grandpa teaches Eli about the art of waiting.

How will you celebrate Grandparent’s Day this year?