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5 Things to do while playing The Waiting Game

I have to confess, I have become a little preoccupied with checking my e-mail and mailbox for the past few weeks…wishing and hoping to receive news about recent manuscript submissions. Of course, it can take many months to hear anything however, I’ve been told one of my stories is currently under consideration. (Squeal!) It is so hard to contain that shred of hope I have in my heart without getting carried away. I have desperately been trying to find other things to keep those pushy little — “today’s the day, go check the mail!” monsters at bay.

If you are playing the waiting game like me, here are five things you can try to get your mind off the waiting. Now if only there were a permanent solution…

1) Redesign your blog (I did this one this morning!)
Ok, ok — I have been told that redesigning your blog can be confusing to the reader. For me though, I think of it like revising a story. My blog didn’t quite have the look and feel I was going for. So I took a hard look at it, thought about my vision and revised. I am actually quite happy with the outcome. What do you think?

2) Do some yoga.
So I haven’t done this yet, but I intend to. Yoga calms me and reminds me to take deep breaths. It also helps to clear your mind and strengthen your body.

3) Network with other writers.
Have you ever visited Verla Kay’s Message Boards for Children’s Writers and Illustrators? I joined recently. It is a wonderful community of writers and illustrators. They share good news, bad news, and even no news! I also enjoy being able to relate and commiserate to people who know exactly how I feel and have been where I’ve been.

4)  Engage in an extracurricular activity or plan a vacation.
Love the beach or eating fondue? Maybe you paint or like dancing? I love to sing. Karaoke is like therapy for me and I have been wanting to visit British Columbia for quite some time…

5) Write something new or revise old writing projects.
Sometimes when you’re waiting for news it’s hard to focus on current works in progress. You can feel bogged down or blocked.  Maybe you can revitalize yourself by trying to write something new? Or take out something old and look at it again with “fresh eyes?” Sure, these stories will need some revision but it can be fun to reconnect to an old story.

Best of luck everyone!



  • Jane

    Those pesky little monsters will get you every time if you let them! Good luck, I hope you hear good news and fr your sanity I hope it comes soon! Sopping by from LBS!

  • Debora

    Good luck with your waiting game and fingers crossed you get good news soon! Definitely start a new project! I didn’t see the old blog design, but this one is nice and fresh looking – nice job. And last, I started yoga recently in the hopes of learning to relax (hasn’t worked yet, I think it’s going to take some time…LOL)

  • Christine

    Debora and Jane – thanks for visiting and for your lovely comments! I’m hanging in there. Good luck with the Yoga Debora. I hope you start feeling the benefits of it soon!

  • Christine

    Ara — thanks for visiting my blog. I wish you luck on the waiting!! I had a good feeling about July that I was right about. I will send some of those warm fuzzies in your direction too!

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