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Book Review: Pedro and Daniel by Federico Erebia

I’m so honored to have received a digital ARC copy of PEDRO AND DANIEL by Federico Erebia. I read a lot, and in recent years there’s not been a book that’s touched my heart quite the same way as Pedro and Daniel. Pedro and Daniel releases June 6th, 2023, and is now available for pre-order!

Please consider pre-ordering his book if you’d like to help support Federico and his debut. Other ways you can support Federico is by:

A) Adding Pedro and Daniel to your ‘want to read’ list on Goodreads.

B) Put in a library request at your local library.

C) Add Pedro and Daniel to an Amazon wish list!

D) All of the above!

PEDRO AND DANIEL by Federico Erebia

A little about the book:

PEDRO AND DANIEL is a heartfelt and deeply personal novel. It follows Pedro and Daniel through their abuse filled childhood where they faced colorism, racism, and prejudice as the navigated discovering their own identities to adulthood during the AIDS epidemic.

My Review:

I’m honored to review PEDRO AND DANIEL by Federico Eberia. There is such an emotional rawness to Eberia’s story. I love how Pedro and Daniel’s personalities come alive throughout the text. It feels like you are there alongside them, experiencing each moment and emotion as they do. Their bond is so heartfelt and heartbreaking simultaneously. You can feel the differences as they explore their identities and navigate the emotional and physical abuse they felt within their own family.

The boys’ journey within the text begins at age five, and the reader follows them into adulthood. Erebia does a beautiful job of creating an authentic voice for each that expands from childhood to adulthood.

PEDRO AND DANIEL is an important story that will resonate with many young readers! There are so many children this story will make an impact upon. I believe in the windows and mirrors mentality that not only should children see children with different upbringings to their own, but also stories that might reflect their own experiences. As a child of divorce with mixed heritage, I frequently felt out of place with little sense of belonging. I often felt shame about my past, and stories like PEDRO AND DANIEL inspire me to celebrate my roots and experiences with the world. Pedro and Daniel’s tale echoed deeply with me and reminded me that every childhood experience is valid and deserving of a story that should be shared with the world.

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