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    Book Review: Pedro and Daniel by Federico Erebia

    I’m so honored to have received a digital ARC copy of PEDRO AND DANIEL by Federico Erebia. I read a lot, and in recent years there’s not been a book that’s touched my heart quite the same way as Pedro and Daniel. Pedro and Daniel releases June 6th, 2023, and is now available for pre-order! Please consider pre-ordering his book if you’d like to help support Federico and his debut. Other ways you can support Federico is by: A) Adding Pedro and Daniel to your ‘want to read’ list on Goodreads. B) Put in a library request at your local library. C) Add Pedro and Daniel to an Amazon wish list! D)…

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    Multicultural Children’s Book Day 2023 || Book Review: Changing the Game: Asian Pacific American Female Athlete by Mia Wenjen

    Ten years in, MCBD’s mission is to raise awareness of the ongoing need to include kids’ books that celebrate diversity in homes and school bookshelves continues. Read about our Mission & History HERE. I’m so honored to be a book reviewer this year, and to share my #gifted book CHANGING THE GAME: ASIAN PACIFIC AMERICAN FEMALE ATHLETE by Mia Wenjen with you! #readyourworld A little about the book: CHANGING THE GAME: ASIAN PACIFIC AMERICAN FEMALE ATHLETE by Mia Wenjen shines a spotlight on seventeen Asian American female athlete trailblazers who attained high levels of success despite setbacks such as poverty, gender stereotypes, and racism. The book is an inspirational stepping…

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    Picture Book Review: Cow Says Meow by Kirsti Call | Read this one out loud!

    Cow Says Meow Author: Kirsti Call Illustrator: Brandon James Scott I had the pleasure of reversing Kirsti Call’s latest picture book “Cow Says Meow.” Here is the book blurb on the back cover: Read this zany picture book full of mixed-up animal sounds out loud. Fun puns and wordplay will have readers mooing, neighing, and clucking, and even laughing with every page turn. I feel the key phrase in that blurb is read out loud. Because it’s true, when you read it out loud, especially to a three year old and six year old, a special kind of magic happens. You will laugh, and you will have little readers joining…

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    Firsts Books — Confidence Builders for Pre-Readers

    Whether you prefer phonics-based methods, sight-reading methods, or some combination of both when teaching your children to read, one of the first things to consider is how to instill in them a desire to flip through a book, point out the words or pictures, and ‘read it’ on their own. This will boost confidence in your little pre-readers. It also lays the groundwork towards them becoming lifelong bookworms. Of course, in addition to books like these, continuing to read aloud a variety of picture books is highly recommended. Our family’s daily goal is to discover three new stories a day. Sandra Boynton’s books and specifically Blue Hat, Green Hat, only…

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    How to make Grandparent’s Day Special through children’s books

    Grandparent’s day is coming up on Sept. 8th. National Grandparent’s Day originated with Marian McQuade and was decreed a National holiday by President Jimmy Carter in 1978. Grandparents play such an important in family life. They are our heritage, and they have so much to share and to teach. Even when they pass away, they are not forgotten. They are still alive in the hearts of those that live on. I have lost two grandparents in the past year, and yet, myself and family members still feel their love, and include them in many aspects of our lives. I wanted to share a several of my favorite and recommended children’s…

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    Giveaway Winner for Away We Go by Chieu Urban

    It was such a delight interviewing Chieu Urban last week. She is such an amazing and creative women. Can you believe she designed this diaper cake? The colors a vibrant, bright, and bold. A wonderful reflection of the colorful that awaits AWAY WE GO readers. I can just imagine mom-to-be’s face when she saw this display. Today’s winner is in for a delightful treat. So without further adieu, I’d like to announce today’s giveaway recipient is … Romelle Broas Congratulations Romelle! Enjoy!