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    Introducing the #Growyourwriting Challenge

    I’ve added a new page and fun writing challenge to my site! I hope you’ll check it out and find out how to earn some pretty badges while growing your writing skills! Are you a writer who wants to sharpen your skills on a budget? Do you like badges? If so, you will enjoy this fun, low-pressure, self-paced, and FREE challenge to #growyourwriting skills. Check it out!

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    How to use twitter lists and bookmarks

    Hello everyone! Are you on Twitter? Have you heard of bookmarks? Or lists? I’ve received questions about these tools lately, and I wanted to share a how-to guide and why you might want to utilize bookmarks and lists on Twitter. I’m an organization queen, so they help me feel better about my twitter navigation experience, and I hope you enjoy using these helpful tools as well! Twitter lists:Why might you use a Twitter list? My top reason for using creating one is to organize relevant groups of people based on events or topics. I also use lists during pitch events to find other writers in my genre. Using a list,…