#50 Precious Words | Flash!

Have your children ever run around snapping photos of you and your family giggling up a storm at the pictures they’ve captured? It feels a bit like being followed around by the toddler paparazzi catching you in less than your best moments. My four-year-old calls these snapshots her treasures. Her precious memories are priceless moments frozen in time, viewed through her lens of the world. Her treasures inspired my piece for Vivian Kirkfkield’s #50 Precious Words Writing Contest.

What is 50 Precious Words?

#50preciouswords is one of my favorite writing contests of the year! Last year there were so many entries and comments it about broke the internet with the outpouring of positivity and creativity!

Did I mention there are prizes? Fabulous prizes! The challenge — write a children’s story for ages 12 and younger in 50 words or less with a clear beginning, middle, and end. Please find details about the contest and its fabulous host, Vivian Kirkfield, by clicking this link  [HERE] The contest is open March 4th-6th. Do you have an entry in mind? Head on over and submit those 50 precious words!

Without further ado, here is my entry, followed by a few treasured “photos” from my daughter’s album.



Christine Alemshah

[WC: 48 words]

FLASH — Mommy’s face…

Baba’s fingers…

Sissy’s elbow…


“But, I love them.”

A closer look reveals…

a secret smile,

interlocked hands,

a warm embrace.

FLASH — “Our family, see?”

A mind wrapped in a riddle,

Sleepy eyes captured in a dream,

When imagination soars, 

photographs sing.


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#FallWritingFrenzy Contest Entry: SEA IN THE SKY

Fall- Credit: Vino Li / Unsplash



Christine Alemshah

[WC: 196]

The stormy sea sky mocked me. Could Daddy and I see the same sinister moon?  Hopefully, he’s tucked safely inside his ship, not in danger of falling overboard as the swirling clouds suggested.

“No costume, Beatrice? It’s almost time for trick-or-treating,” called Mom.

I kicked the screen door. It squeaked. I hoped it might break.

“You don’t want to go?”

“I can’t, Mom. The sea is in the sky tonight.”

“I think it’s lovely with that crescent moon up there.”

“You mean the frowning crescent face staring at me?  It’s creepy — and Daddy…”

“Was supposed to go trick-or-treating with us?,” Mom finished.

I nodded.

“I miss Daddy, too.  It stinks he got deployed at Halloween. Ok, no trick-or-treating. Something else in mind?”

I squeezed my eyes shut as Daddy’s smiling face painted my mind. His tummy rumbled with a quirky chuckle while dolloping dots of frosting on our noses. Frosting — that’s it!

“Can we make graveyard cake with cookie headstones?”

Mom’s chin crumbled, her voice hitched. “Daddy’s favorite. I’d like that.”

The screen door whooshed as we left the stormy sea sky behind us. It could mock me no more.

#SpringFlingKidLit contest entry: FLORY’S FAIRY WINGS

Thank you for this delightful Spring Fling Kid Lit contest opportunity hosted by Kaitlyn Leann Sanchez and Ciara O’Neal. There are also some amazing prize donors! You can shower our hosts and prize donors with love by visiting their blogs, following on social media, and viewing their amazing books.

I found my gif HERE.

I now present my tiny tale introducing Flory, The Garden Fairy.



Christine Alemshah

WC: 149

At graduation, Flory and her fairy friends debuted wings displaying their true power. 

Willow’s green wings cascaded a flowering arch. 

Phoenix’s fiery wings transformed her into a bird.

Amaya’s silver wings showered everyone in light rain.

Flory touched her back. Nothing. Her smile quivered at her turn. She ran to the ice cream shop instead.

“I’ll never be a real fairy without wings.”

A boy in front of her pulled at empty pockets.

Flory handed him a coin.

“My treat,” she said.

“Thank you,” the boy replied.

Prr-ing! Golden wings sprouted on Flory’s back.

Flory puzzled.

The boy ran to help an old fairy tie shoes he couldn’t reach.

I get it now, thought Flory.

She ran back to graduation.

“Oh, Flory,” said Amaya.

“They’re beautiful,” said Phoenix.

“What’s your power?,” asked Willow.

Flory smiled. “Something measured, yet unseen. I spread kindness forward one fairy at a time.”