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Grow Your Writing Resource: KidLit Podcasts

Do you spend considerable time in your car, out and about, or on the go? I spend extensive time daily in the school pick-up line or walking around the school. My children get out 45 minutes apart, and parking is a little daily dance of making sure you park on the right side of the road, so you don’t get stuck in traffic later on your way out. How do I best make use of my waiting time? Well, of course, writing is always my first choice, but sometimes it flows; other times, it just doesn’t. What I’ve found super helpful during these times is listening to podcasts.

But how do podcasts grow your writing? I can’t speak for everyone, but I know that for me, they are:
-Inspirational! They show me what other authors go through on their path to publication and how different and/or similar that journey might look to my own. They remind me that this writing/submitting/seeking publication process takes time.
-Provide story ideas and often help nurture ideas I already have in my book.
-They encourage me to research.
-Provide mentor texts to read and analyze.
-Help me feel like I’m part of the larger #kidlit community
-Make me laugh and cry and feel!

Here are several of my favorite kidlit podcasts and two that are not specific to kidlit. I encourage you to listen to podcasts in other subject areas that interest you because they also provide inspiration and story ideas that will help nurture and grow your writing!

You May Contribute a Verse with hosts Josh Monkey and Brenna Jeanneret

Picture Book Look with Kristi Call and Kim Chaffee

Coaching for Creatives with Kirstine Call

This Filipino American Life

Educator Forever hosted by Lily Jones

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