Picture Book


It’s officially here! Picture Book Idea Month!

What is it? 
The premise is quite simple. In November 2011 you vow to come up with 30 picture ideas in 30 ideas.

October was such a busy month for me, I’m excited to take the plunge and come up with 30 new picture book ideas this month.  I’m ready for the challenge, and yet also nervous about keeping up!

How am I doing so far?  
I had one idea “sneak” up on me Mon Oct. 31, so not sure if I can count it.  Yesterday, I had two ideas.  Yay! Let’s hope I can keep it up!

Fellow Picture Book Writers (and any Writers interested in writing picture books.):  
You can find the official sign ups for PiBoIdMo at Tara Lazar’s blog by clicking here. You will also find guest author posts, a chance at prizes, and support from other writers. Check it out!

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