#SpringFlingKidLit contest entry: THE CANDY TREE

Thank you for this delightful Spring Fling Kid Lit contest opportunity hosted by  Kaitlyn Leann Sanchez and Ciara O’Neal. There are also some fantastic prize donors! You can shower our hosts and prize donors with love by visiting their blogs, following them on social media, and showing book love.

I’m a second-year Spring Fling Kid Lit participant and the super talented Allison Strick created a custom GIF for my story. Aren’t those dangling delicacies adorable?

I now present my tiny tale introducing Nora, her Baba, and their unique family bond. I had the privilege of interviewing family members for this story and incorporating bits and pieces of actual events and catchphrases!

GIF created by Allison Strick
GIF created by Allison Strick



Christine Alemshah

[WC: 150]

Spit spot.  Sweep!

“After spring cleaning’s finished, the candy tree will bloom,”  Nora said.

But her family cooked instead.

Colorful tomato salad,

bountiful trays of manti,

and a mountain of dirty dishes.

“Baba, how will we keep up?”

Baba smiled. “Perseverance, isn’t it?”

Whatever did he mean?

Spit spot.  Sploosh!

Broken pipe! Water everywhere!

“How can we finish now?”

Again, Baba smiled. “Perseverance, isn’t it?”

Whatever did he mean?

Spit spot. Sopped.             

Furniture all outside.

“Empty rooms make perfect dance floors,” Baba said.

Relatives twirled and clapped, 

sang and ate.

Nobody cleaned at all.

“The candy tree,” Nora whispered at bedtime.

“Perseverance, isn’t it?” Baba whispered back.

Yawn. Whatever did he mean?

A new day.

Spit spot.  Sloppy.

Nora slumped, but her heart tugged. “Keep going!”

Everyone did until…

Spit … Spotless!

Nora’s eyes sparkled. “Perseverance — is never giving up?”

Baba nodded.

 “Hooray! The candy tree’s in bloom!”

  Spit spot! Scrumptious!

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    1. Thanks Allison! Thanks so much for making my GIF. Every time I edited my story it made me so happy to look at it. It’s adorable!

  1. Yes! The candy tree is delightful and oh so sweet. I have a new view on spring cleaning. Clever lyricism!

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