Moving Day

moving dayIt’s been a long time coming. The day is finally here! It was Children’s Author, Katie Davis of Brain Burps on one of her awesome podcasts that finally convinced the little voice in my head to take action and combine my website and blog. Only thing was, that day happened about three months ago. When I actually sat down to do it, I was stumped beyond belief. Every time I’d try to put things all together it was like one tiny gear in a watch was missing and boom — nothing. Until today! Hooray!

The Sunflower Scribe Blog has officially moved over to my main web site. Things are a little rough, and I could really use some followers and feedback too! Let me know what you think!

PS. It was also moving day for my turtle, Houdini. She’s graduating from a 30 gallon tank to an 80 gallon penthouse. She is one lucky turtle!