Creating a Writing Nook

Where do you complete your writing? Do you have a zen-like place with the sounds of a gentle trickling fountain nearby?  Perhaps there’s a vanilla scented candle burning and Enya playing in the background? I think that’s how I pictured it would be before I started writing seriously,  but in reality my writing corner has consisted of this…

A saggy spot in the corner of a 30+ year old couch.  I must say some of my brightest ideas were penned (actually typed) from this very corner.  While it is homey and comfortable it doesn’t exactly inspire me to write in a professional and focused manner.  So this summer I made it my mission to create a “Writer’s Nook.”  Here’s what I have so far:
A Writing desk — complete with Lap Top,’Works in Progress Files to the Left, photo of the hubby, and desk calendar to keep me on track.
My tiny personal library of children’s books and writing books.  I hope to keep my collection growing at all times!
A little cubby box for my library books.  I hope to get new books every week (or at least every two weeks.)
I think it so, so important for a writer to have his/her own writer’s nook.  It  serves as a constant reminder that our writing is important enough to deserve its own space in our lives.  Mine is very basic right now, but I look forward to jazzing it up more and more as I move forward.  My first goal is to use it every day! (Except maybe Sunday.)
Do you have a writing nook?  Where is your favorite place to write?  If anyone would like to send pictures and a quote I’d be happy to post it here at The Sunflower Scribe.  =)

How will you say 2012?

Happy New Years! It’s 2012!
Like the old saying goes, “You say tomayto, I say tomahto.” Some will call it Two-Thousand-Twelve, some will call it Twenty-Twelve.
Personally, from the years 2000-2011, I referred to the years by their long names.  Two Thousand, Two Thousand-one, etc.  But, a very wise friend, who also happens to be my brother-in-law, pointed out to me that historically this is not how we have referred to the years.  1900 is not referred to as One Thousand-Nine Hundred, but rather Nineteen-Hundred.  It makes sense to me!
So, in 2012, I’m gonna try changing it up, and see if it sticks.  I will refer to the year as Twenty-Twelve, instead of Two-thousand-twelve.
How will you refer to the new year?