The Sunflower Scribe

I hope everyone is having a bright, sunshiney week! I have been trying to think of the perfect blog title for my children’s writing blog for quite some time now. So far nothing had stuck. It’s like having a nickname. I couldn’t just use any old name — it had to stick. And more importantly, I had to like it. Unlike a nickname, I actually got to choose this name.
I have finally decided upon, “The Sunflower Scribe.” I have always loved sunflowers and they hold a special significance for me and my family. My grandmother-in-law loved them and they always seem to be around on special family occasions. For instance, at a family party in 2008 my husband surprised me and proposed that day! I had made sunflower cupcakes to celebrate and placed a sunflower centerpiece on the table. I had no idea I would be getting engaged that day!! But it seems my grandmother-in-law was smiling at us from heaven that day! My mom and sisters happy-go-lucky english bull terriers have even been photographed with sunflowers.  Whenever I look at a sunflower I feel warm, happy, loved, and encouraged. All things that have helped shape me into the writer I am today. 

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