Haiku Wednesday,  Inspiration

Yes there are words in my Wordless Wednesday post…

Hello everyone. What can I say, I cheated. There are words in my Wordless Wednesday post. I am a writer after all! So with the encouragement of my friend Nicki Moisant Rabbat, I am now participating in Haiku Wednesdays instead. I think this is a wonderful idea because: 1) It gets me writing. Anything that can help maintain a consistent writing habit is a good thing. 2) I have to be concise and creative, which will build up my picture book writing skills.

So here goes, my first haiku since the poetry classes of my youth…

That first peek of blue,

And my heart starts to flutter;

Ocean, I’ve come home.


  • Leandra Wallace

    Very nice! It’s true there’s nothing quite like that first glimpse of the water. Especially if you’ve traveled a long way to get there…*cringes at those forever road trips as a kid*

  • Christine Marie Alemshah

    Thanks Leandra! I totally agree. I’m the eternal Island Girl. I’ve often told loved ones how I don’t think I could bear to live in a landlocked place. Haha – I remember those road trips all to well myself. Cringing is the perfect word to describe it…

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