Quiet Thoughts in the Night … A Touch of Sea Glass

There were many presentations from the SCBWI Summer Conference this year that resonated with me, but last night when I couldn’t sleep, the one that stood out in my mind was Deborah Underwood’s keynote on the “Power of Quiet.” After I set aside all the thoughts rummaging around keeping me awake in the first place, I settled into the quiet. (Ok, it’s true, I also chanted, ‘please let me sleep’ several times.) 

My reflection time led me to an idea for a new pb that I am hoping will be my October 12×12 manuscript, in addition to the following thoughts…

Imagine you’re on a beach searching for that perfect piece of sea glass. You pick up a jagged piece. It pricks your hand making you bleed, but you try to polish it anyway. After a long, long time, you give up and throw it back in the sand and try again. Maybe one day that piece will be sea glass. You brush your palm against the sand trying to avoid the plentiful spiked pieces sticking out all over, but you can’t avoid them; you can only go through them. You dig deeper and only then do you stumble across a smooth stone that feels right in your palm. Sure, it needs some refining, yet it it feels right somehow.

Sometimes, this is what my writing process feels like. Can anyone relate?  

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  1. Can relate over here… especially with being awake in the middle of the night ;=)
    In my just published MG, there’s a line- “The sound of quiet.” The editor wanted me to change the original, “the sound of silence,” because of the famous ’60 song. When looking for a replacement I thought a lot about this. Your lovely post reminded me.

  2. Aw, thanks, Mirka. And congratulations on your newly published middle grade. “The sound of quiet.” I like that. I also loved “The Sound of Silence.” Humming in my head as I write this. Take care and thanks for the comment!

  3. Thank you for tagging me for this award, Krissy! This is so neat! I will begin working on my post ASAP. =) I am Hawaiian born, so I definitely agree with your number one answer! =) Those were a great set of question from both you and Jennifer – I will have to think of some good ones! =)

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