Adventures in Rhyme

If you’re an aspiring children’s writer like me, I’m sure you have heard the following plenty of times: Stay away from rhyme. It no longer sells and new writers rarely get it right.

Truth be told I never have had a gift for rhyme or poetry. But, I have a silly story idea, which I have written in prose. The magic and silliness is just not working the way it is currently written.  Every time I stare at the letters on the page, I think to myself, “how can I fix this?” Each time I do this the story starts trying to make a rhyme or song in my head.

So, I’m going to give it try. I have only written one other story in rhyme, because the whole story idea came to me that way, so this will certainly be an adventure.
This time I plan on doing a little research. Margot Finke has a fabulous article with resources on writing for children using meter and rhyme.

So long, good night.
I’m off to write!

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  1. I’ve written a couple of shorts for kids, but never poetry. And especially if it rhymes. Heck I can’t even spell that word without looking it up. Gets me every time.

    Stopping by from LBS and I’m a new GFC follower.

  2. I came from Lady Blogger Social Tea Party… I’m not a children’s writer but I am a collector of children’s books . . . the classical favorites. I love children’s literature and found your post quite interesting. When I taught, one of my spelling assignments was to write a “Dr. Seuss” type story using their spelling words (5th grade!) Oh the marvelous fun we had!

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