RemembeRed: A Real Meal, Finally!

I gazed up at the menu with excitement. This was it, the first real food I would have in two weeks. This was the third restaurant in the food court I’d been to already, staring up at the menu deciding whether or not I could eat here. My husband didn’t say so but I could tell he just wanted me to pick something already.  
Would any of this food be ok and not get caught in the four gaping holes I had in the back of my mouth? I’d waited until I was almost thirty to get my wisdom teeth pulled out. Now I realized why this would have been much easier to do four years ago…

“Ok honey, this place is fine. I’ll have some hummus, pita and a bowl of soup.”
I found a place to sit and waited for my first real meal. Ok, it was really more mush, but atleast I was eating at a real restaurant — and I loved Daphne’s pita bread! It’s so soft and pillowy.
I tested the bread for softness. Good good, I can chew this. I’m enjoying this. I’m enjoying food.
I relaxed and let myself enjoy lunch.
“Wanna try a green bean? it’s pretty soft?” my husband asked.
“Sure,” I replied.
He fed the green bean to me. When I bit down my jaw ached and I knew right away it was too hard. To add insult to injury the back of the green bean poked the raw gaping hole in the back of my mouth causing it to throb.
“Ouch,” I said, spitting the green bean back into my husband’s hand. He giggled.
“What? Why did you do that?” he asked puzzled.
“It was too hard!” 
Well that ended all the pleasantness of my first dining out experience since having my wisdom teeth out.  Maybe a few more days?

RemembeRed is a Memoir Meme.  
This week’s prompt: Fill in the blanks, first time I ____ after ____.

3 Replies to “RemembeRed: A Real Meal, Finally!”

  1. I haven’t had my wisdom teeth out, but I did have a molar removed, and I remember too well the days of pain!


    I have to say that I kind of love that you spit the green bean into his hand. It made me giggle.

  2. Oh I remember having mine out and it was a bad experience. My question is, why do we have them if they have to be pulled in the long run anyway? Good description of the experience.

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